Established in 1982 Specialty Measurements Inc. is a technology driven measurements engineering corporation dedicated to the science of precise measurements. SMI originally engaged in testing services in a mechanical or civil engineering environment. The company grew to include the development of integrated data acquisition and analysis systems for solid dosage equipment.

We are renowned for our top quality customer service and our reliability in keeping machines running and properly maintained. SMI works very closely with our clients to ensure that every need is met and provided for. This is why SMI is the solution to your solid dosage needs.

What We Offer

SMI provides R&D and pilot scale production tablet presses and robust data acquisition and analysis systems for solid dosage equipment. Along with tablet presses and data acqiusition software, SMI provides calibration, maintenence, and troubleshooting services.

Additionally, SMI also supplies spare parts and tooling for use in our tablet presses and other equipment. If you aren't sure which press or software system is right for you, SMI can work closely with you to get you the product you need.

SMI provides the ability to upgrade existing solid dosage equipment to include "The Director" instrumentation software.

Our Mission

SMI is dedicated to the science of precise measurements. Our goal is to gather ever more precise and accurate data and meta data on formulation development studies.

We strive to deliver the most comprehensive, user-friendly and feature packed software to help you get the most from your formulation development. Our tablet presses are designed to facilitate the data gathering process and allow for development work in tight working spaces and environments.


SMI recognizes the importance of maintaining strong ties with other businesses to help our clients receive the best products and aftermarket support. As such, SMI has taken the prerogative to partner together with a few companies to meet this goal.

Our Partners